Average prices of payment service providers

The price of payment services is calculated individually * *


The average number and amount of monthly payment transactions is required to calculate the price.

Preliminary payment service fees:

1) MIP ** (payment initiation service) ~ 0.6-0.7% of the transaction amount.

2) Credit cards ~ 1.2% for cards issued in EU countries and ~ 3.05% for cards issued in non-EU countries.


* MIP supported countries - Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands

** Prices are indicative. The final offer is submitted by completing the questionnaires of the payment service providers.

To receive an offer, contact https://www.dennypay.com/#contacts


Payment providers:

MIP - AB"Noe finance" https://neopay.lt/

Credit cards - SIA Transact Pro https://www.transactpro.eu/en/

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