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DennyPay - Helps you to collect payments from clients by email.
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The most convenient way to collect payments from your customers. Great for hotels, car rentals or any other activity.

Allow your customers to pay for goods or services using a secure payment link. All you need to do is enter the order information and DennyPay system will send the payment link to your guest. You will always be able to track payments that have already been made or are overdue.

Do you have a hotel?
Payment orders can be automatically synchronized with your hotel management system*, and payments made by guests will be transferred to the hotel management system via two-way communication.

* Integration works with Ericsoft property management system


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  • First 2 weeks for free
  • Unlimited payment e-mails and links
  • International payments
  • E-mail status monitoring


  • Unlimited payment e-mails and links
  • International payments
  • Automatic customer reminders
  • E-mail status monitoring
  • Import payments from CSV


  • Unlimited payment e-mails and links
  • International payments
  • Automatic customer reminders
  • E-mail status monitoring
  • Integration with Ericsoft property management system
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Frequently asked questions

It is a solution for collecting advance and final payments.
It is intended to obtain:
- Advance payments when a service is booked before it is provided.
- Additional payments after the provision of the service, when the customer left without paying for additional goods or services.
- Payments are made via a link sent to the customer - no e-shop is required.
- DennyPay is available immediately - no complicated integrations required.
- The customer can pay by payment card or via electronic banking (MIP - payment initiation service), which reduces the transaction fee by up to 7 times.
- Hotels have the option of integrating DennyPay with the hotel system so that an advance payment link is sent to the guest automatically as soon as the reservation is received.
- In the DennyPay system, the service reservation is entered manually or automatically* and the payment is initiated.
- The system generates a unique payment link and sends it to the customer.
- The customer receives a message with a link and information about his service reservation.
- Clicking on the link takes the customer to the secure payment area.
- The customer chooses the payment method (by card or via MIP) and confirms the payment.
- The booking status changes in the DennyPay system.
- MIP payments are transferred to your current account on the same day, and card payments - within 5 business days

* For hotels with a DennyPay account integrated with the hotel management system.
Fill the contact form here and we will get everything ready. We will create a user in the DennyPay system and organize the signing of contracts with payment institutions.
Depending on the agent and the payment method, the transfer of money to your account can take from one day up to one week, but money from your client's account is charged instantly.
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