A fast and convenient way to receive payments. by email

DennyPay - helps you collect customer payments by sending payment instructions via email or POS terminal.
Fast, safe and smart solution for your business!

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The most convenient way to collect payments from your customers. Perfect for hotels, car rentals or any other activity.

  • Allow your customers to pay for goods or services using a secure payment link. You only need to enter the order details and the DennyPay system will send the payment link to your guest. You will always be able to monitor already made and overdue payments. Do you have a hotel? Payment instructions can be automatically synchronized with your hotel management system, and payments made by guests will be transmitted to the hotel management system in two-way communication.


9.99 /month
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  • Use the first 2 weeks for free
  • Unlimited number of payment letters and links
  • International payments
  • Mail status monitoring


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  • Unlimited number of payment requests and links
  • International payments
  • Automatic reminders to customers
  • Mail status monitoring
  • Integration with hotel management system


Frequently asked Questions

What is DennyPay?

It is a solution for the collection of advance and final payments. It is designed to:
- Receive advance payments when the service is reserved before it is provided.
- Collect additional payments after the service is provided when the customer leaves without paying for additional goods or services.
- Tokenize guest cards online or through a true POS terminal and charge these cards when necessary.
- Utilize pre-authorization functionality to hold funds, change the pre-authorized amount, or cancel pre-authorization.

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Why use DennyPay

- DennyPay is a unified payment system for both online and POS payments.
- Payments are conveniently processed through a link sent to the customer, eliminating the need for an online store.
- DennyPay can be implemented seamlessly without complex integrations, ensuring immediate usability.
- Customers can make payments using a payment card or through electronic banking (PIS- payment initiation service), significantly reducing transaction commissions by up to 7 times. - Hotels also have the option to integrate DennyPay with their systems, automating the advance payment link delivery to guests as soon as a reservation is received

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How DennyPay works?

- In the DennyPay system, a reservation can be entered manually or automatically*. Subsequently, the payment process is initiated.
- The system generates a unique payment link and dispatches it to the customer.
- The customer promptly receives a message containing the link, along with pertinent information regarding their service reservation.
- Upon clicking the link, the customer is directed to a secure payment portal. Here, the customer can select their preferred payment method (either by card or via PIS) and confirm the payment. As a result of this transaction, the reservation status is updated within the DennyPay system.

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When will the money reach my account?

Depending on the payment method chosen by your client, the money will reach your account immediately or within 1-2 days.

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What benefits to use DennyPay POS terminals?

- Possibility to track all payments (online and POS) in one system.
- Possibility to tokenize guest card data on the moment of the payment. After that using DennyPay we interface you can charge funds from guest card for minibar consumption or get payment for broken equipment.
- Possibility to tokenize guest card with 0 amount in case if your guest pay in cash.
- Possibility to use pre-authorization functionality to pre-authorize guest card, change pre-authorized amount, cancel pre-authorization, charge pre-authorization.
* Pre-authorization refers to the process of placing what is effectively a holding charge on a customer’s credit card. The issuing bank checks to ensure that the customer’s payment can go through and there are sufficient funds available to cover the requested amount, without actually debiting the cardholder’s account right there and then.

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