Create your personal payment collection platform with DennyPay

Create your personal platform and start to provide you personal payments solution. Boost your platform with onboarding, payment processing, and payouts.

In the retail and hospitality business exist a lot of companies which provide different services to the stores, restaurants, bars, hotels...
These companies provide random services: POS (Point of sale), self-service terminals, PMS (property management systems) and these companies revenue related only to hardware sales and software support. DennyPlatform solution allow to these companies provide one more and powerful service and it's Payments solution.

How it works


Your company sign the contract with DennyPay company and get's personal white label solution to provide professional payments services.


DennyPlatform core functions

a) Register new merchants.
b) Verify your merchants (real time KYC, real-time sanctions check, bank account verification).
c) Flexible set transaction prices to your merchant.
d) Automaticaly split payments .
e) Automaticaly payout funds to your merchants.


DennyPlatform merchant onboarding

Each your client has a access to your platform. Using this access your client must to perform onboarding procedure.
a) Verify company details.
b) Provide company owners information.
c) Provide signatory information.
d) Provide bank account details and proof document of this bank account.
All data will be verified automaticaly. In case of any error onboarding system will provide error reason and allow to make modifications in provided information.


DennyPlatform transactions price list management

Using DennyPlatform you can set transactions price to each your client. Price can be set depending on card type (credit, debit, business, visa, mastercard, amex), card issuing country (EEA and non EEA). Price can be set by percentages from payment amount plus fixed amount.


DennyPlatform automaticaly split payments

DennyPlatform split payments after each transaction. Example: payer makes a payment 100 EUR in your client store. This payment will be divided 99 EUR to your client balance account and 1 EUR to your platform balance account.


DennyPlatform POS terminals management

Using DennyPlatform you can:
a) Order the POS terminals to your or to your client address.
b) Configure your POS terminal
c) Assign POS terminal to created store
d) Monitor POS terminals statuses
e) Replace terminals or return terminal to your virtual warehouse.


DennyPlatform client access

Each your client will have access to your platform. Using this platform they can:
a) Monitor all transaction.
b) Check payouts information.
c) Make refunds
d) Generate payment links
e) Manage terminals and initiate payment directly from your platform interface.